Raymond MacDonald

Raymond MacDonald is a saxophonist and composer who has released over 50 CDs and toured and broadcast worldwide. He has written music for film, television, theatre, radio and art installations and much of his work explores the boundaries and ambiguities between what is conventionally seen as improvisation and composition.


Collaborating with musicians such as Marilyn Crispell, George Lewis, Evan Parker, David Byrne and Jim O’Rourke Crispell his work informed by a view of improvisation as a social, collaborative and uniquely creative process that provides opportunities to develop new ways of working musically.


He plays in many collaborative free improvisatory contexts and his roots in jazz and pop music can also be heard in his playing and writing. He is also Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation at Edinburgh University and lectures, publishes and runs workshops internationally.





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August 2016

SENSAROUND (woodwinds – keys – electronics)


Sensaround Australian Tour

23 Aug. 2016 – Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne

26 Aug. 2016 – The Street Theatre, Canberra

(with Otiose Duo)

31 Aug. 2016 – 107 Projects, Sydney

(with Prophets + Otiose Trio)

1 Sept. 2016 – The Milk Factory, Brisbane

(with Feet Teeth + Andrew Tuttle)


Sensaround Japan Tour

8 Feb. 2016 – Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo

9 Feb. 2016 – Yellow Vision, Asagaya, Tokyo

11 Feb. 2016 – Valentine Drive, Nagoya

12 Feb.2016 – UrBANGUILD, Kyoto

13 Feb. 2016 – Guggenheim House, Kobe

14 Feb.2016 – Pepperland, Okayama


20 Aug. 2015 – Colbourne Ave, Glebe Justice Centre, Sydney

18 Aug. 2015 – Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne

15 Aug.2015 – Confluence, Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra


9 Aug. 2014 – LongPlay, Melbourne

8 Aug. 2014 – PhotoAccess, Manuka Arts Centre, Canberra

7 Aug. 2014 – Foundry616, Sydney


25 Jan. 2013 – The Box, Brisbane

24 Jan. 2013 – Bennett’s Lane, Melbourne

22 Jan. 2013 – The Loft, Canberra

Raymond MacDonald

The Man with Two Brains



Collaboration with Martin Boyce &

David Mackenzie

Raymond MacDonald and Marliyn Crispell collaborate with visual artist Jo Ganter


2016 UK Tour with Gunter 'Baby' Sommer