Raymond MacDonald

“Exhilarating music. it eliminates the boundaries not just between composition and improvisation but between cultures and idioms.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Music this articulate is rare in any style of music" Jazz Wise

“It’s one of the most compelling and arresting listens I have had in some time and does much to further establish MacDonald as a leading voice in modern improvisational music” WNUR Chicago

“An unqualified success” The Wire

“Able to individuate the exact points in which bedlam and presence of mind fuse, allowing the music to reach levels of unexpected intensity enriched by beautifully resonant halos and deliberate melodic reflections.”
Touching Extremes

“slips post-idiomatic playing against mischievous, borderline-arch genre-parody songs and gorgeously teary melodies .... devastatingly melancholy” Signal to noise

“like mid-period Ayler hiking in the highlands ... Probably the hippest ‘jazz’ release of the month." Jazz Wise

"MacDonald's playing is absolutely stunning, in pitch, timbre, variation, and he also demonstrates his skills for circular breathing on the last two tracks. The interaction between these two stellar musicians grab the listener's attention from the start until the very end : intensity, suprise, beauty and creative collisions" All about jazz

“quite astonishingly brilliant” Jazz Wise

"truly great group improvisation" Down Town Music Gallery

"Here it is, naked to the bone, free jazz in all its glory, loose, intense and furious, not in hanger but with joie de vivre" Clean Feed

"It’s free-form style collision at its finest, with the duo toggling between minimalism and groove, energised by MacDonald’s roaring frenzies in the upper-register of his alto" All about Jazz

“These are radically differing soundscapes, all delivered with great emotional intensity and a strong sense of the importance of the moment. Risks have been taken, and the Sextet plunge and rise between Hades and Heaven, grinning madly all the time" Jazz Review

"Premier league of the European improvisation scene" Sudeutsche Zeitung

“One of the best large improvising ensemble in the world” BBC Jazz on 3

"is a tour de force of sensitive playing from the 25-strong ensemble, exemplifying the give-and-take required to make improvised music work, and alive with the intimate ebb-and-flow that marks the best examples of the form" The Independent

"mighty and glorious, this is a completely successful record that deserves to sell by the cartload"Jazz Wise

"leading contemporary jazz" The Guardian

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August 2016

SENSAROUND (woodwinds – keys – electronics)


Sensaround Australian Tour

23 Aug. 2016 – Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne

26 Aug. 2016 – The Street Theatre, Canberra

(with Otiose Duo)

31 Aug. 2016 – 107 Projects, Sydney

(with Prophets + Otiose Trio)

1 Sept. 2016 – The Milk Factory, Brisbane

(with Feet Teeth + Andrew Tuttle)


Sensaround Japan Tour

8 Feb. 2016 – Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo

9 Feb. 2016 – Yellow Vision, Asagaya, Tokyo

11 Feb. 2016 – Valentine Drive, Nagoya

12 Feb.2016 – UrBANGUILD, Kyoto

13 Feb. 2016 – Guggenheim House, Kobe

14 Feb.2016 – Pepperland, Okayama


20 Aug. 2015 – Colbourne Ave, Glebe Justice Centre, Sydney

18 Aug. 2015 – Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne

15 Aug.2015 – Confluence, Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra


9 Aug. 2014 – LongPlay, Melbourne

8 Aug. 2014 – PhotoAccess, Manuka Arts Centre, Canberra

7 Aug. 2014 – Foundry616, Sydney


25 Jan. 2013 – The Box, Brisbane

24 Jan. 2013 – Bennett’s Lane, Melbourne

22 Jan. 2013 – The Loft, Canberra