Raymond MacDonald

Schweben – Ay, but can ye? Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & Barry Guy, Maya, (2012)

Stepping Between the Shadows Alister Spence and Raymond MacDonald, Rufus (2012)

Improcerto The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Evan Parker & Lol Coxhil, Iorram, (2012)

Linn Flax Raymond MacDonald David Stackenas, Iorram (2011)

Buddy, Raymond MacDonald International Big Band, Textile (2010)

Cities MacDonald, Fujii, Tamura, Davidson & Bancroft, Nujazzeurope (2010)

Street Level, Raymond MacDonald & Peter Nicholson, Iorram (2009)

Metamorphic Rock The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & George Lewis Iorram (2009)

Other Voices, Raymond MacDonald & Aoife Mannix, Nujazzeurope (2009)

Constant Weave, Raymond MacDonald & George Burt, Iorram (2009)

Carnival, Raymond MacDonald & Neil Davidson, Iorram (2008)

Separately & Together, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & London Improvisers Orchestra, Emanem (2008)

Falkirk, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & Barry Guy, FMR (2007)

Delphinius & Lyra, Günter 'Baby' Sommer & Raymond MacDonald, Clean Feed (2007)

Dark in Light Corners, Rich in Knuckles, Creative Sources (2007)

Aporias, Raymond MacDonald, Tatsuya Nakatani, Neil Davidson, Peter Nicholson, Nick Fells, Creative Sources (2007)

One Bloke, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quintet, Textile (2007)

Flapjack, Raymond MacDonald & Neil Davidson, FMR (2006)

BooHoo Fever, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Sextet, Leo (2007)

Listen Big, Rich in Knuckles, ISIS Music (2005)

The Great Shark Hunt, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Septet, FMR (2005)

Which Way Did He Go?, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & Maggie Nicols, FMR (2005)

Hotel Dilettante, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quintet, Textile (2005)

A Day for a Reason, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Sextet with Keith Tippett, Tob Records (2005)

Asylum, Giles Lamb & Raymond MacDonald, Deluge & Guitary (2005)

Munich & Glasgow, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & Evan Parker, FMR (2004)

Pop Corn, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Octet, FMR (2004)

Coxhill Street, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quartet with Lol Coxill, FMR (2002)

Tsunami, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quartet, FMR (2001)

Train Journeys, Remember Fun, Matinee (2001)

Hey There You Hosers, Hung Drawn Quartet, HDQ (2001)

Big Brothers, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quartet, BMacD (2000)

Oh Hello, George Burt - Raymond MacDonald Quartet, BMacD (1998)

A Train in the Distance, Hung Drawn Quartet, HDQ (1995)

Contributions to, or tracks on the following:

Get while the getting is good compilation, Aufgeladen und Bereit (2006)

Secrets from the Clock House, Future Pilot AKA, Creeping Bent (2006)

The Electronic Bible Chapter One Compilation, White Label (2004)

Lead us not into Temptation, David Byrne, Thrill Jockey (2003)

Salute Your Soul, Future Pilot AKA, Geographic (2003)

You don't need darkness Compilation, Geographic (2002)

Séance at Hobbs Lane, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Topcities (2001)

Tiny Waves Mighty Sea, Future Pilot AKA, Geographic (2001)

Be-Bop to Hip-Hop Compilation, Demus (1996)

The Rise of the Phoenix Compilation, Optimum (1989)

Airspace Compilation, EGG (1989)

A Lighthouse in the Desert Compilation, EGG (1989)