Raymond is Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation in The Department of Music at University of Edinburgh. Prior to this position he was a Professor in the Psychology Department at Glasgow Caledonian University where he led the Glasgow Caledonian Music Psychology Research Group for 12 years.

After completing his PhD at the University of Glasgow, investigating therapeutic applications of music, he worked as Artistic Director for a music company, Sounds of Progress, specialising in working with people who have special needs.

His ongoing research focuses on issues relating to improvisation, musical communication, music health and wellbeing, music education and musical identities. He studies the processes and outcomes of music participation and music listening and has a particular interest in collaborative creativity. His work is informed by a view of improvisation as a social, collaborative and uniquely creative process that provides opportunities to develop new ways of working musically. His work also contributes to debates highlighting the ubiquitous importance of music, stressing that everybody has a biological and social guarantee of musicianship. He runs music workshops and lectures internationally and has published over 60 peer reviewed papers and book chapters.

He has co-edited four texts, Musical Identities (2002) and Musical Communication (2005), Musical Imaginations (2012) and Music Health & Wellbeing (2012) and was editor of the journal Psychology of Music between 2006 and 2012. He is an associate editor for The International Journal of Music Education, Jazz Research Journal, Research Studies in Music Education, Musicae Scientiae and The Journal of Music Therapy.

He is involved in running Polyphony; a music project providing access to musical activities for individuals with mental health problems and is a Patron of Drake Music Scotland; a charity who deliver music projects for children and young people with disabilities.

Selected publications

MacDonald R.A.R, &. Kreutz, G Mitchell, L.A., EDS (2012). Music, Health and Wellbeing Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hargreaves D.J. Miell D & MacDonald R.A.R, EDS (2012). Musical Imaginations Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
and Gino Robair
Raymond conducts an improvisers orchestra in Tallin
Stepping Between the Shadows
IORRAM Press Improcerto

Podcast: introduction to some music health and wellbeing projects